Marcel Arsenault has been successfully investing in real estate with Real Capital Solutions since 1984. The equity fund’s portfolio is worth $1.5 billion, yet his philanthropic work with One Earth Future is what is calling the media’s attention right now. 18 months ago, One Earth Future and dedicated subsidiary Oceans Beyond Piracy, became involved in rescue efforts of the 28 crew captured by Somali pirates in 2012. The vessel was captured offshore of Somalia and kept there for over a year before sinking. From this point the hostages were held in nearby bush, fighting to survive horrific conditions.

“We worked through the members of the local community, including religious leaders, clan elders and other influential people in the community,” Ben Lewallin, project officer for Oceans Beyond Piracy explains. OBP used a negotiator to help to convince the pirates that there was no money available for the ransom and so the hostages were released to the United Nations who brought them back to the safety on Kenya and then home.

“The idea is to have one Earth that we all belong to, that we all live in” states Marcel Arsenault who allocates a huge amount of his time and money to these efforts, in spite of the demands of his real estate projects in the UK and Spain. Marcel who is well regarded for his business acumen, says “I believe that intellectually, we are able to help humanity, a little bit, move the set point in cooperation, learning how to work together solve positive problems.”


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The full report and video of the Somali pirate rescue can be viewed from Fox 31 at this link:

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